Poschaven Farms

George and Sharon Posch  

We relocated our farm operation from Southern Ontario to the New Liskeard area in 1980. In 1991 we moved to our present 372 acre farm. Since then we have always used natural methods when growing crops and raising livestock. For the past eight years all of our crops have grown using strict certified organic standards. Our farm soil fertilty program uses a rotation of green manure every second year. Most of our grain crops (spelt, rye and wheat) are planted in September and underseeded in the spring with a blend of five different clovers. The grain crop are harvested in mid August. As soom as possible after the crop is off, all the straw and stubble is mulched and left on the feild for the earthworms and microbes to work with and feed on. The following year in July the clover now standing between two and six feet high is worked into the soil. Between the clover and mulched straw we are putting four times more dry matter per acre back  into the soil than what we harvest grain. The dry matter per acre is usually 4.25 tonnes - 5.5 tonnes. This crop rotation also works well for controlling weeds and pests. All the seeds planted on our farm are saved from previous crops, except when we plant a test plot of a different type of grain. We plant only certified organic, non G.M.O. and untreated seed. All of our products are processed on our farm. The Stone Mill and its premises are also certified organic. The mill's location is isolated and secure.

We use some of the highest quality orgasnic, non G.M.O. grain avalible in our products. Before we process any grain, samples are sent to  the Canadian Grain Commision to be analysed for protein moisture, falling numbers and toxins. Our products are milled in small batches every week using a 1980's Austrian built stone mill. The flour is milled without any damaging heat build up. Every part of the ground kernel is left in our flour.

 At the present time our list of products include

  1. Buckwheat Pancake Mix
  2. Buckwheat Flour
  3. Whole Wheat Flour
  4. Unbleached White Flour
  5. Bran
  6. Creamy Wheat "N" Bran Breakfast Cereal
  7. Flax

In 2011 We Plan on Having

  1. Spelt Flour Whole Grain & Unbleached White
  2. Spelt Flakes
  3. Hulless Oat Flakes
  4. Rye Flour (Dark and Light)
  5. Rye Flakes
  6. "Gluten Free" Buckwheat Products





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